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Girl!Cloud cosplay :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 3 0 Pottertalia!Canada :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 0 0 Cloud finding Materia :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 1 5 Looking into Materia :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 1 0 Untitled :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 1 15 The Titans are here! :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 3 0 Have a Cupcake with Toy!Chica! :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 0 0 Doll Canada :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 5 19 Knocked out in the junkyard?! :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 0 0 Hiding in the hide out :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 0 5 Hanging out in my hideout :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 0 0 Back from a fight! :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 0 0 Being forgotten and thrown away :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 2 2 Abused Canada :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 1 0 My Frozen Shade cover :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 1 0 Hanging out at Otakon Vegas 2015!!!! :iconbigninjafan1:BigNinjaFan1 4 4


FFXV x NieR:Automata - Prompto :iconblackenedkrono:blackenedkrono 195 24
Nier x FFXV: Cross Into Genesis
After being separated from his crew, Ryota Frye ends up in a declining nation where most of the plant life is dying and the crime rate is incredibly high due to a constant fight for survival.
Just as he was about to be killed by machinery, he is inadvertently saved by an Android known as "2B". Little did they know, their fates would cross into a new adventure...
-Characters(so far)-
- Ryota Frye
- 2B
- Lucille
- Kat
- Raven
- Maya
- Syd
- Adam
- Eve
- A2
- Marx
-More to be added-
:iconzeronotsukaimafan7:Zeronotsukaimafan7 3 5
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII Cosplay Pinafore :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 57 4 Eevee Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay Kimono Dress :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 174 7
Just One Touch- Chapt.1
Zack stared at the new recruit, they had their helmets off and Zack could see them fully now. There were 45 recruits in all, about 3/4 of them were boys and a couple were girls. One blond recruit had caught Zack Fair's eye, the one on the far left in the 4th row, the one staring down at his feet. The SOILDER walked over to the 4th row, staring at the recruit, the raven walked between the people and stopped infront of the teenager. "Hey, newbie."
The blond shot his head up, his hair was spiky and a light creamy blond. His eyes were bright blue and the color of the ocean, he had  light tan skin and square shoulders. Zack Fair slightly smiled, Newbie is kinda cute..
"Yes sir?" The blond asked, straighting up his stature and staring straight ahead. Zack continued his thoughts as he looked at the recruit, "Whats your name, Spiky?"
"Cloud. Cloud Strife." The teen answered, still staring at the wall and away from Zack. The raven nodded, noting the name and the appearence, they might
:iconkisagami-sama:Kisagami-sama 9 53
Safer then Never Chapt. 1
"Hey, are you alright?" A girl asked, leaning down infront of the neko sitting on the road. The poor neko was sitting on the nasty sidewalk, dripping wet due to the rain and whimpering. It was nightime and he's dressed in a teeshirt and a pair of baggy blue jeans that don't even look close to fitting him anytime soon.His yellow neko ears were flat to his head and his eyes were open slightly.
She, on the other hand, more another plain tee-shirt and a pair of jeans that fit her perfectly. The neko's ears flattened more (if that was possible) and he shook his head. "Whats your name?" She asked. The little wet blonde drew "Cloud" in the dirt with a finger and she looked at it closely. "Cloud?"
The neko nodded again, water soaking his face and body. She smiled, "Com'on, Lets go home and we'll find your owner." She held out a hand for him. Cloud stared at it for a moment before taking it and letting the girl lead him away. Cloud personally didn't care where he was going as long as he wasn't
:iconkisagami-sama:Kisagami-sama 19 1,424
Mature content
The First Time :icongrandpatoenail:grandpatoenail 51 52
Genesis : the Poet :iconwanderkitsun3:Wanderkitsun3 101 47 FF7 ZxC - Time to face destiny :iconevil-uke-sora:Evil-Uke-Sora 406 138 Making Cloud Strife Armour Emblem Fenrir (part 1) :icontmprojection:TMProjection 116 19 FFVII:AC - Mini me :iconlove-squad:love-squad 832 125 FF7-Geostigma :iconlove-squad:love-squad 313 61 :: Fair Lady :: :iconnamineh:Namineh 156 0
At Last
-Pairing - Zack Fair x Cloud Strife
-Notes: This fanfiction contains yaoi/shounen ai which means that it contains boy-boy love, between Zack and Cloud from Final Fantasy. If you do not agree with Yaoi/Shounen Ai then please click that wonderful thing I like to call and back button and leave the page.
- Usual Thing: I don't own any of the characters, nor the games of which they come from, just the plot of my fanfiction.
-Please comment this, otherwise I will just assume it sucks.
It had been a while since they had been together like this, usually Cloud wasn't able to sneak out of the barracks well enough to get out and meet up with Zack who had access to everywhere being a First Class SOLDIER.
Cloud's sky blue eyes brightened immediately when he noticed the tall raven leaning up against a wall in the shadows, one of his large boots placed on the wall whilst the other stayed firmly on the ground to balance him out.
"Zack!" Cloud whispered loudly as he double chec
:iconzfaircstrife:ZFairCStrife 22 16
First Tsurugi step by step :iconimspiritb:imspiritb 17 10 Lightning Farron OLV2017 02 - Abdella :iconabdella-photo-art:Abdella-Photo-Art 14 2





the sands of time holds the key, when it comes the time to leave, it can't be stopped, and darkness will reign, because the severing is the one to gain. just listen to your heart and it's always easier than you think, and helped me understand what you were doing, you walked with me when i was alone. when light and darkness collide, and a magic soars through the sky, the door will open, but one heart must die, the heart will be door ment, but then again, if you are their light, they will shine again, our hearts are connected, light and darkness, they are what separate human being and keep us in balance, do you know whats it's like, to feel so in the dark? to dream about life, where you're the shining star, fight the darkness in side you, think of your light, for it will save you in your darkest hour.

to be continue...
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